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Spring is here in the Cotswolds with cheery daffodils in bloom and new lambs in the pastures. Our Spring/Summer Programme starts this week! Come and experience the delights of the Cotswolds on one of our award-winning tours!
February in the Cotswolds is when we see the first signs of Spring with patches of Snowdrops appearing everywhere!  It’s also the season when lambing begins. You can see lambing at the Cotswold Farm Park near Bourton-on-the-Water from now until 16 April. Please visit their website at for more information.
Throughout the year the Cotswolds plays hosts to many different sporting events, some of which are to say the least ‘unusual’.  However, January is the month of the Cocklebarrow Races. This is a ‘point-to-point’ race.  For those who are not familiar with ‘point-to-point’ races, these are horse races over fences which are for hunting horses […]
Did you know that there are lions in the Cotswolds? These are not of the Simba variety but are those with the thick curly fleece (in other words sheep!). These animals brought tremendous prosperity to the Cotswolds in medieval times, but these days they are a rare breed and there are more Cotswold sheep in […]
We often think of January as a rather grey and dull month following the Christmas and New Year celebrations, but this is still a wonderful time to visit the Cotswolds. There are often chilly but clear and sunny days when the scenery looks wonderful.  The quaint towns and villages of the Cotswolds are quiet and […]
Christmas is coming in the Cotswolds and all our little villages and towns are beginning to get a very festive feel. Come and get into the Christmas spirit with a tour of the Cotswolds and experience the joy of country pubs with crackling fires, Christmas markets and our “Christmas tree in the river”!!
Autumn is here in the Cotswolds!   What a wonderful time of year this is, with sunny but crisp days illuminating the stone villages and a pallet of autumn colours in the trees.  Come and see these scenes for yourself on one of our award-winning Cotswold tours!  
Once again, we are doing one of our ‘Cotswolds in Steam’ tours on 25 September.  This gives guests the unique opportunity of combining a fully-guided driving tour with a 30 minute ride on a steam train between Winchcombe and Broadway. .  Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to see the Cotswolds at its best and experience […]
Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Highclere Castle before it closes in September and filming starts for the Downton Abbey movie. Our ‘special’ tour of Downton Abbey and the Cotswolds is on 4 September.  Only a few spaces left!